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National Program 106: Aquaculture
Annual Reports
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The primary aim of the ARS Aquaculture Program, as described in the National Program 106 Action Plan, is to help develop and ensure abundant, safe, and affordable supply of seafood products within a healthy, competitive, and sustainable aquaculture sector; this sector is supported by over 4,300 aquaculture farmers that produced in excess of $1 billion dollars worth of goods in 2005 (NASS, 2005 Census of Aquaculture).




To read more about NP 106 Accomplishments (pdf; 0.2Mb), please click on the link: FY 13 Annual Report                  



 FY 2012 NP 106 Accomplishments (pdf; 0.1Mb): FY 12 Annual Report


 FY 2011 NP 106 Accomplishments (pdf; 0.1Mb): FY 11 Annual Report  


 FY 2010 NP 106 Accomplishments (pdf; 0.1Mb): FY 10 Annual Report


 FY 2009 NP 106 Accomplishments (pdf; 0.1Mb): FY 09 Annual Report


 FY 2008 NP 106 Accomplishments (pdf; 0.2Mb): FY 08 Annual Report

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