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National Program 103: Animal Health
Accomplishment Report and Executive Summary
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National Program 103

Animal Health



Animal health plays a critical role in ensuring a safe and adequate food supply to the United States population and the world.  In spite of years of research, challenges remain in animal health with both emerging diseases and diseases that have long been problematic. The mission of the ARS Animal Health National Program is to deliver scientific information and tools to detect, control, and eradicate animal diseases of high national priority.  The ultimate goal of the program is to protect and ensure the safety of the Nation’s agriculture and food supply through improved disease prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery.


The anticipated products of the animal health research program were captured in an Action Plan at the start of the 5-year national program cycle.  Some of the anticipated products in the Action Plan include finding solutions to prevent economic losses from domestic and foreign animal diseases, providing scientific information to maximize on-farm biosecurity practices for naturally or intentionally introduced pathogens, establishing methods to detect, analyze, and respond to new and emerging pathogens, and developing disease prevention tools such as alternatives to antibiotics, vaccines and biotherapeutics.

Click here to read the full Accomplishment Report (pdf; 2.2Mb).



National Program 103 Animal Health

Retrospective Review 2011-2015




The retrospective review was sent to a number of stakeholders for their comments.  Specific questions were asked and addressed by reviewers from each commodity addressing the concerns most connected with their industry.  However, there were a number of overriding comments that will be summarized in this document.


Click here to read the full Executive Summary Report (pdf; 1.1Mb)


Last Modified: 4/14/2016
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