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National Program 103: Animal Health
Action Plan
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Action Plan for National Program 103 Animal Health




The goal of National Program 103, Animal Health, is to protect and ensure the safety of the Nation’s agriculture and food supply through improved disease detection, prevention, control, and treatment. Basic and applied research approaches will be applied to solve animal health problems of high national priority. Emphasis will be given to methods and procedures to control animal diseases through the discovery and development of:


  • Vaccines
  • Biotherapeutics
  • Animal genomics applications
  • Disease management systems
  • Animal disease models
  • Farm Biosecurity measures 

The animal health national program has ten strategic objectives:

1. Establish ARS laboratories into a fluid, highly effective research network, to maximize use of core competencies and resources.

2. Ensure access to specialized high containment facilities to study zoonotic and emerging diseases.

3. Develop an integrated animal and microbial genomics research program.

4. Establish core competencies in bovine, swine, ovine and avian immunology.

5. Launch a biotherapeutic discovery program providing alternatives to animal drugs.

6. Build a technology-driven vaccine and diagnostic discovery research program.

7. Develop core competencies in field epidemiology and predictive biology.

8. Develop expert collaborative research laboratories recognized by the World Organization for Animal Health, originally called and referred to as the Office International des Epizooties (OIE) Develop internationally recognized OIE expert collaborative research laboratories.

9. Establish best-in-class training center for our nation’s veterinarians and scientists.

10. Develop a model technology transfer program to achieve the full impact of our research discoveries.

To read the entire Action Plan (pdf; 0.3Mb): FY2012 – FY2017





Last Modified: 6/6/2013