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Title: Composites Comprising Plant Material from Parthenium Spp. and Plastics

Technology Description:

This invention is a means to produce composite products such as particle board, fiber board, and other building materials that are resistant to both microbes and termites. By utilizing the termite and microbe-inhibiting extract of the Parthenium plant, along with the addition of plastics in the composite form, a material with increased resistance to microbes and termites is formed. This composite has several advantages over current materials, some of which include microbe and termite resistance without other chemicals and reduced percentage of raw wood needed for production. Additionally, the composite can utilize recycled plastic, as well as Parthenium extracts which are currently discarded in other industries.


Please refer to USPN 6,787,590 (Docket #0217.97), which issued September 7, 2004.


Francis Nakayama
USDA-ARS Environmental and Plant
  Dynamics Research Unit
U. S. Water Conservation Laboratory
Phoenix, AZ 85040
(602) 379-4356, Ext. 255
John A. Youngquist (Retired)

Poo Chow
(Non-Forest Service)





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