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Title: Chemically Synthesized Sugar Esters for the Control of Soft-Bodied Arthropods
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Patent Number: 6605598
Docket Number: 12497
Serial Number: 8834975
Date Patented: 08/12/2003

Technology Description:


The invention relates to an improved process for the synthesis and application of sugar esters that are useful as effective, environmentally-safe pesticides for the control of soft-bodied arthropod pests.  The invention is specifically effective against the sweet potato whitefly, greenhouse whitefly, tobacco aphids and mites.  The invention can be applied to target pests by growers using a liquid spray.


The technology would be of interest to biotechnology companies in the manufacture of biological controls of insect pests.  It would also be of interest to the fresh fruit and vegetable, peanut, and floral industries.




Please refer to USPN 6,605,598 (Docket #0124.97), which issued August 12, 2003.  Foreign rights are not available.




Orestes T. Chortyk, retired

Athens, GA


Contact:  Donald Nordlund
               Technology Transfer Coordinator

               (706) 546-3496


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