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Title: Novel Sphingolipids and a Process Thereto
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Patent Number: 5958426
Docket Number: 15896
Serial Number: 8824646
Date Patented: 09/28/1999

Date Issued:

September 28, 1999

Technology Description:

The invention relates to novel sphingolipids which are natural products isolated from three related fungal species. A process for the preparation of the novel compounds is also provided. Sphingolipids have been shown to have therapeutic value in a number of disease states such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetic complications, and central nervous system disorders. This new class of sphingolipids (ceramide phosphorylethanolamine) has structural differences which may increase their therapeutic effectiveness. The novel products also provide protection for plants against pathogenic microorganisms. Pharmaceutical and skin care companies may be interested in this technology.


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