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Title: Method for Producing a High-Protein Dough Using Cold Extrusion

Docket Number: 7206
Serial Number: 11801868

Technology Description: 


ARS researchers in Pennsylvania have developed a way to make stretchable, high-protein dough, which can be used to make fluffy pastries, cakes, or other bread-like products. ARS’s technology uses a cold extrusion process—extrusion techniques are used to form materials for food and industrial manufacturing processes.  This new technique allows the dough to stretch into a mozzarella-cheese like product, or rise and extend like bread or cake. The proteins can be comprised of soy, egg, wheat gluten, or dried tofu.  The protein “dough” from this method is bland, but additional flavorings can be added to achieve a desired taste profile.  This technology has zero carbohydrates, making it an ideal substitute for baked goods made with carbohydrates.  The technique can also be used to create very tough protein fibers for non-food applications, such as in making biodegradable products—since the proteins degrade overtime. ARS’s invention is relatively inexpensive to incorporate into existing manufacturing processes.  ARS is seeking a licensee or cooperative research partner to adapt the product for specific food and industrial products.


The food industry, particularly food processors, could use this technology to replace part or all of the traditional baked goods that are made from carbohydrates.  Other uses are as protein fibers in meat analogues or textured products, or reinforcing fillers in biobased products.




Please refer to S.N.11/801,868 (Docket #0072.06), which was filed on

May 11, 2007.  Foreign patent rights are available.




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