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Title: Method to Prepare a Natural Mosquito and Tick Repellent from Pine Oil
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Patent Number: 7378557
Docket Number: 1007
Serial Number: 11777795
Date Patented: 05/27/2008

Technology Description: 


ARS researchers in Beltsville, MD have developed a method for preparing a natural product from pine oil that repels mosquitoes and ticks. ARS’s compound deters mosquitoes more effectively than DEET—a widely-used synthetic chemical insect repellent—and also repels ticks as effectively as DEET.  ARS’s method for preparing mosquito and tick repellents is inexpensive and efficient. 


Human diseases transmitted by blood feeding mosquitoes and ticks pose a serious threat to public health worldwide.  Over 700 million cases of mosquito- and tick-transmitted diseases are reported each year.  Safety and environmental concerns regarding the use of DEET have stimulated interest in the development of natural compounds.  The newly-discovered compound is an environmentally-friendly and sustainable natural product.


EPA registration is required; however, derivatives of this compound have been used as ingredients in the cosmetics industry. 


Companies interested in insect repellents may be interested in this technology.


Reference:  Please refer to S.N. 11/777,795 (Docket # 0010.07), which was filed

July 13, 2007.  Foreign rights are available.





Aijun Zhang

Jerome A. Klun

Plant Sciences Institute

(Same as first inventor)

Beltsville, MD 20705

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   Fax: (301) 504-6580




John F. Carroll

Shifa Wang

Animal and Natural Resources Institute

College of Chemical Engineering

Beltsville, MD 20705

Nanjing, Jiangsu, China 210037

Phone: (301) 504-9017


   Fax: (301) 504-5306



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