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Title: New Method to Make an Industrial Lubrication Fluid
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Patent Number: 8173825
Docket Number: 7106
Serial Number: 11717524
Date Patented: 05/08/2012

Technology Description:  Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists in Illinois have developed a way to make a vegetable oil based material using several natural compounds.  This technology can be used in formulation of biobased-industrial lubrication fluid, potentially replacing petroleum-based fluids.  One of ARS’s compounds can be poured at cold temperatures—a property required by the lubrication industry.  The compounds also have structures which have the potential to be used to form a new type of surfactant.  Many other commercial lubricants and surfactants are available; however, ARS’s biodegradable compounds are more environmentally friendly.  The technology has been shown to be usable on the small scale.  Global lubricant demand is more than 30 million tons annually, and current surfactant use in the United States and Canada is more 3 million tons per year. 


ARS is seeking a cooperative research and development partner to further evaluate the compounds in this invention, as well as conduct extensive lubricant testing.  In addition, more research needs to be accomplished to develop the technology’s use as a commercial surfactant.  Companies that produce surfactants and are looking to expand their specialty surfactant product lines may be interested in this technology.  Also, companies that develop industrial fluids could use this invention.  The metalworking, automotive, and forestry industries could benefit from this technology.


Reference:  Please refer to S.N. 11/717,524 (Docket #0071.06), “Method of Making Fatty Acid Ester Derivatives,” which was filed on March 13, 2007.  Foreign patent rights are not available.




Sevim Z. Erhan

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Kenneth M. Doll

(Same as first inventor)

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Brajendra Sharma

(Same as first inventor)

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