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Patent Number: 7438815
Docket Number: 804
Serial Number: 11640090
Date Patented: 10/21/2008

Summary:  Lipids, such as plant oils and animal fats, are effective for treatment of animal wastes to inhibit both the emission of ammonia and other odors, and the discharge of particulate matter, microorganisms, and endotoxins, therefrom. Inhibition of ammonia volatilization and particulate or microbial discharge is effected by application of an effective amount of a lipid containing composition onto the animal wastes. Moreover, when used in combination with solutions of salts of acidic proton donors such as aluminum chloride, aluminum nitrate, and alum, these lipids significantly improve the effectiveness of the proton donors to inhibit the release of ammonia and reduce phosphorous solubility. 

Patent Status: Patent issued on October 21, 2008. Link at USPTO filed under patent title “Inhibiting ammonia emissions and odors from animal wastes with oil.”


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