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Title: Promising Biopesticide for Fire Ant Control
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Southeast Area
  Gainesville, Florida

Patent Number: 7332176
Docket Number: 10604
Serial Number: 11239183
Date Patented: 02/19/2008

Technology Description:  ARS researchers in Florida have discovered a virus (fire ant virus) that infects red imported fire ants.  This is the first confirmed virus discovered from red imported fire ants.  Preliminary tests indicate the virus appears to cause slow death (2-3 months) of infected colonies.  The virus is transmissible in the laboratory, and is found in approximately 20 percent of fire ant field colonies.  The virus could potentially be cultivated and developed in the lab into a non-chemical biopesticide for controlling this tenacious pest.  This naturally sustainable virus could be developed into baits that could be used by the pest control industry, agricultural producers, agricultural harvesters, consumers and others for whom fire ants are a problem. Red imported fire ants can cause severe economic problems from crop loss, electrical and farm equipment damage from ants nesting in machinery, and soil erosion from the massive colonies this pest builds.  Fire ants are also very aggressive and pose severe threats to humans and livestock from stinging attacks.


This technology is in the early research stage.  ARS researchers are currently trying to understand the virus and its impact on fire ant populations.  The researchers are seeking a cooperative research partner to develop methods to grow the virus in vitro, package it, and apply it under field conditions.  It could provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional pesticides. 


Reference:  Please refer to S.N. 11/239,183 (Docket #0106.04), “Solenopsis Invicta Viruses,” which was filed on September 29, 2005.  Foreign rights are not available.




Steven M. Valles
Imported Fire Ant and Household Insects

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Phat M. Dang
Subtropical Insects Research
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Charles A. Strong
(Same as first inventor)
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Roberto M. Pereira
(Same as first inventor)
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Wayne B. Hunter
Subtropical Insects Research
Fort Pierce, FL  34945
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David F. Williams
10012 N.W. 62nd Lane
Gainesville, FL  32653

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David H. Oi
(Same as first inventor)
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