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Title: New Method to Prevent Wool Fabrics from Burning
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Patent Number: 7264637
Docket Number: 14804
Serial Number: 11211828
Date Patented: 09/04/2007

Technology Description:  ARS scientists in Pennsylvania have discovered a new heat-resistant, material, which can be applied to wool and other fabrics to prevent it from burning.  This material is applied within the fabric structure.  Current fabrics that come in contact with fire or extreme heat can cause physical injuries. Underwear currently being worn by U.S. soldiers can burn with a perpetuating flame, and form a hard bead that drips into an open wound causing physical trauma.  Other technologies employ metallic materials and chemicals that are perceived as environmentally unfriendly.  ARS’s technology uses a polymer applied with additives that are nonhazardous.  It can provide safety and protection from high-temperature ignition in fire-hazard situations.  Applications of technology can be made from a water solution in textile mills during the wet finishing process that occurs after dyeing, and before or after finishing with existing mill equipment.


The textile industry will be able to adapt this technology and use it for current wool fabrics and textiles to impart heat-resistance to existing textile clothing and material lines. The technology could be used for children’s clothing, as well as for military personnel and other personnel who are exposed to extremely fire-hazardous situations.


Reference:  Please refer to S.N. 11/211,828 (Docket #0148.04), “Methods of Inhibiting the Burning of Natural Fibers, Synthetic Fibers, or Mixtures Thereof, or Fabric or Yarn Composed of Natural Fibers, Synthetic Fibers, or Mixtures Thereof, and Products Produced by Such Methods,” which was filed on August 25, 2005.  Foreign rights are available.  This is a method to improve the burning behavior of ARS processed wool (USPN 7,090,701, issued August 15, 2006). 




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