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United States Department of Agriculture

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Title: New Method to Identify Catfish Fillets

Southeast Area
  Auburn, Alabama

Docket Number: 14104
Serial Number: 11037486

Technology Description:  ARS scientists Alabama have developed a method to distinguish U.S. catfish fillets from non-catfish species.  This method uses a hybridoma cell line to produce monoclonal antibodies that are specific to catfish.  By using this antibody as a diagnostic assay, regulatory officials can tell “fake” fish – being passed off as catfish – from catfish.  About one third of all fish labeled as catfish are not really catfish.  These mislabeled fish are imports, which are inferior fish, sold at cheaper prices – undercutting U.S. catfish farmers.  This technology could help prevent mislabeling of catfish – providing value to the U.S. catfish industry by possibly increasing profits.


This method can be used to develop a rapid, cost effective test kit for properly identifying catfish.


Potential Commercial Uses:  State and Federal seafood regulators could use this to determine correct labeling of catfish and non-catfish from supermarkets and seafood suppliers.


Reference: Please refer to S.N. 11/037,486 (Docket #0141.04), which was filed on January 14, 2005.  Foreign rights are not available.




Phillip H. Klesius


USDA-ARS-Aquatic Animal Health Research Lab


Auburn, AL


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Last Modified: 10/1/2015
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