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Title: New Method for Making Biobased Additives
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Patent Number: 7279448
Docket Number: 18203
Serial Number: 10887127
Date Patented: 10/09/2007

Technology Description:


Agricultural Research Service scientists have developed a process for preparing a bio-based additive that can be used in biodegradable fluids.  The process allows any vegetable oil to be converted into a sulfur-containing molecule and yet retain the basic vegetable oil molecular structures.  It improves friction and wear protection on machinery, as compared to other commercial additives of mineral oil origin.  This invention offers important physical and chemical properties including high-fire resistance, high viscosity, high molecular weight, high polarity, and excellent anti-wear and anti-friction properties. These properties are essential for industrial applications. Current anti-wear/anti-friction additives used in biodegradable fluids are non-biodegradable, and therefore the end products are not completely biodegradable.  This technology is based on renewable resources, and it can be easily adopted for commercial scale up.  Raw materials are solely derived from vegetable oils, offering farmers a value added product or new use for their crops. 


The total estimated use of anti-wear and anti-friction additives in industrial oil and automotive applications constitute one quarter of the total additive and specialty chemicals used by these industries.


ARS’s invention can be used in the automotive sector where anti-friction and anti-wear protections are sought.  It will also prove useful in industrial oils and fluids.




Please refer to patent application S.N. 10/887,127 (Docket #0182.03), “Poly (hydroxyl thioether) Vegetable Oil Derivatives Useful as Lubricant Additives,” which was filed on July 8, 2004.  Foreign rights are available.




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