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Title: New Vaccine that Controls Edwardsiellosis
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  Auburn, Alabama

Patent Number: 7067122
Docket Number: 18103
Serial Number: 10858882
Date Patented: 06/27/2006

Technology Description:


Agricultural Research Service scientists created a safe and effective modified live vaccine that controls Edwardsiella tarda (E. tarda) infections in a variety of fish species.  E. tarda is an aquatic bacterial pathogen that infects both warm and cold water fish.  More than 20 species of fish are affected by E. tarda septicemia disease (edwardsiellosis), including tilapia, catfish, hybrid striped bass, carp, flounder, yellowtail, seabream, and salmon, and ornamental and tropical pet fish.  


The vaccine can be administered by bath immersion or by injection.  The use of this modified-live
E. tarda vaccine offers several benefits including reducing disease loss in fresh and marine water fish and eel production, diminishing the food safety risks to humans, and reducing the contamination of water by E. tarda that may be discharged in the environment from fish production systems.  This vaccine could provide an estimated savings of millions of dollars in the aquaculture production and food industries, as well as in livestock production and water supplies.


Vaccine manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies could benefit from this technology. 




Please refer to USPN 7,067,122 (Docket #0181.03), “A Modified Live Edwardsiella Tarda Vaccine for Aquatic Animals,” which issued on June 27, 2006.  Foreign rights are available.




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