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Title: Starch-based Composition for Use in Industrial Applications
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Midwest Area
  Peoria, Illinios

Patent Number: 7052776
Docket Number: 18002
Serial Number: 10849977
Date Patented: 05/30/2006

Technology Description: 


The invention is a novel method for using hot, jet cooked, water solutions of starch to form thin, water receptive coatings on plastic surfaces, such as polyethylene.  These starch coatings are inexpensive, nontoxic, and biodegradable.  A water-receptive starch coating can enhance adsorption of water-based printing inks and dyes, improve the compatibility of plastic articles with water-based reagents and body fluids, reduce build -up of electrostatic charges on plastic surfaces, reduce sticking or blocking between plastic sheets, reduce friction, and improve adhesion properties.  Although these starch coatings do not separate from plastic surfaces, even after prolonged standing in water, the coatings can be removed by gently rubbing the water-wet surfaces.  Graft polymerization of the starch coatings with acrylonitrile causes the starch coatings to become firmly attached to the plastic surfaces, even when they are wet.


This invention has many industrial applications.  Major users of this technology would be companies that manufacture electronic components that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge and companies engaged in the printing and dying of plastic surfaces.




Please refer to USPN 7,052,776 (Docket #0180.02), “Formation of Hydrophilic Polysaccharide Coatings on Hydrophobic Substrate,” which issued May 30, 2006, and is a continuation of PCT Application No. PCT/US02/37215, which was filed on November 20, 2002.  Also, USPN 6,709,763 (Docket #0152.98), which issued on March 23, 2004.  Foreign rights are available for both inventions.




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