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Title: New Plant Fungal Control
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Southeast Area
  Oxford, Mississippi

Patent Number: 6844353
Docket Number: 3202
Serial Number: 10400712
Date Patented: 01/18/2005

Technology Description:

Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and University of Mississippi scientists have discovered that sampangine compounds are effective plant fungicides. Sampangine is a natural product derived from the bark of Cleistopholis patens (a West African tree). In ARS lab studies, sampangine compounds effectively treated plant diseases caused by several fungal species, including Botrytis cinera, Colletotrichum fragaraie, C. acutatum, Fusarium oxysporum and

C. gloesporiodes. This product may be used in combination with organic, inorganic, natural or synthetic materials, or as a solid or powder. It can also be used as a liquid in water-soluble concentrates, emulsifiable concentrates, emulsions, concentrated suspensions, aerosols, wettable powders and pastes.

ARS’s technology provides an opportunity for better natural resource management by reducing dependence on synthetic chemicals. Developing naturally-derived fungicides with low mammalian and environmental toxicity will help ensure food safety and sustainability of U.S. and world agriculture, and also ensure a safe and healthy environment. Agrochemical companies can use this invention to develop and manufacture naturally-derived fungicides for controlling plant pathogens.

ARS is seeking a cooperative partner to further evaluate and develop this compound.


Please refer to USPN 6,844,353 (Docket #0032.02), "Fungicidal Properties of Sampangine and its Analogs to Agriculturally Important Plant Pathogens," which issued January 18, 2005.  Foreign rights are available.


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