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Title: New Insect Trap
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Pacific West Area
  Salinas, California

Patent Number: 6772556
Docket Number: 8702
Serial Number: 10359674
Date Patented: 08/10/2004

Technology Description:

Agricultural Research Service scientists have developed a new insect trap that can be used in monitoring programs. Insect traps are typically used to monitor pest populations to determine the economic impact pests might pose to crops. This device is comprised of housing that has an opening on one end, and at least one layer of parallel strings. The distance between each string can be adjusted to correspond to the body width of the target insect, thus preventing insects from escaping. The trap incorporates an attractant to attract the target insect. The insect trap in the present invention is ideal for collecting insect specimen or live insects. Most insect traps on the market either use glue to immobilize insects or have funnel structures to prevent insects from escaping. The current invention does not use glue and thereby preserves integrity of insects caught in the trap. It also enables to produce insect traps with large openings, as compared with other insect traps.

ARS’s invention has promising commercial potential. It can be used for a variety of insects, including aphids, hoppers, locusts, beetles, flies, moths, and weevils. This trap successfully captures insects without destroying or obscuring anatomical features, which is necessary for proper identification and monitoring. The trap can also be for population monitoring in the field, for mass trapping especially for insects that produce aggregation pheromones, for rearing and releasing parasitoids in the field because the trap can be designed to selectively allow parasitoids to escape because of their smaller body sizes than their hosts, and for various research on insect behavior and ecology. In addition to chemical attractants, other types of attractants such as color and light (UV) can also be used.

Insect biological control companies that manufacture dispensers for use in insect pest management programs could use this invention.


Please refer to USPN 6,772,556 (Docket #0087.02), "Insect Trap," which issued on August 10, 2004. Foreign rights are not available.


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