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Title: Vaccine for Preventing Mastitis in Cattle
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Patent Number: 6984381
Docket Number: 23701
Serial Number: 10189251
Date Patented: 01/10/2006

Technology Description: ARS researchers in Maryland have developed and patented technology that may potentially prevent mastitis infections in dairy cows. Mastitis is a costly problem facing the dairy industry worldwide. The disease is a mammary gland inflammation that often develops in response to a bacterial infection.  Mastitis infections cost U.S. dairymen more than $2 billion annually in antibiotic treatment and herd losses. Dairymen use antibiotics to treat their herds to avoid infection during dry periods—when no milk is produced.  ARS’s non-antibiotic compound produces antibodies to three strains of Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus)—responsible for causing mastitis infection.   This vaccine is highly efficient against S. aureus, which have become resistant to many commercially available antibiotics.  This ARS invention will reduce economic loss, help prevent milk contamination, and avoid development of antibiotic-resistant strains—a major health hazard to humans and farm animals.  This technology enhances cows’ natural defenses against infection.


ARS scientists are seeking commercial partners to develop this technology for commercial use.


Potential Commercial Uses: Animal vaccine development companies could use this invention to develop a non-antibiotic vaccine for preventing S. aureus mastitis in cattle.


Reference: Please refer to USPN 6,984,381(Docket #0237.01), which issued on January 10, 2006.  Foreign rights are not available.




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