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Title: System for the Sequential, Directional Cloning of Multiple DNA Sequences
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Patent Number: 6696282
Docket Number: 7102
Serial Number: 10046849
Date Patented: 02/24/2004

Technology Description:

The invention relates to a novel system and method for linking several DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) sequences together, allowing multiple genes to be simultaneously introduced into the target species. Introducing more than one gene at a time is a laborious process using current methods. This method permits any number of DNA sequences to be sequentially linked in any desired order and orientation, to form multi-gene arrays. In laboratory tests, multiple genes enabling the production of lycopene and beta carotene–carotenoids used as food colorants and nutritional supplements– were introduced into the fungus Fusarium sporotrichioides. F. sporotrichioides produces metabolic precursors that could be used to make vitamins, sterols, rubber or taxol. This method can be used for any organism. It is not limited to fungal species. The system could potentially be used to facilitate introduction of multiple genes into any number of fungal or plant species, expanding the productivity and economic value of the species.


Please refer to USPN 6,696,282 (Docket #0071.02), "Fusarium Sporotrichioides Strains for Production of Lycopene,"  which issued on February 24, 2004, and is a divisional of USPN 6,372,479, which issued on April 16, 2002, and is a divisional of  USPN 6,184,000, which issued on February 6, 2001.
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