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Title: 'Crimson Spire,' A New Distinct Peach Variety
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Patent Number: 15216
Docket Number: 25501
Serial Number: 9984541
Date Patented: 10/12/2004

Technology Description:

ARS scientists have developed ‘Crimson SPIRE,’ a new and distinct peach variety suitable for all U.S. peach growing regions. The slender, columnar-shape of ‘Crimson SPIRE’ trees will allow commercial growers to plant approximately four times the number of trees per acre than are planted using standard trees. Since the columnar trees produce narrow canopies, they can be planted at high densities without the need for intensive pruning to maintain them in their allotted spaces. The extreme narrow shape makes it ideal for home gardens and ornamental purposes, especially where space is limited. ‘Crimson SPIRE’ is highly productive and produces sweet, flavorful dessert-quality peaches. The fruit is medium to large in size and has yellow melting-flesh with approximately 80 percent red blush over a yellow background.

Commercial peach orchards or home fruit gardeners could use this technology.


Please refer to USPN 0,015,216 (Docket #0255.01), "Peach Tree Named Crimson Spire," which issued on October 12, 2004. Foreign rights are available.


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