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Title: Gene Promoters
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Pacific West Area

Patent Number: 6638766
Docket Number: 18201
Serial Number: 9866153
Date Patented: 10/28/2003

Technology Description:

Agricultural Research Service and the University of Hawaii scientists have identified and patented two gene promoters–regulate when a gene expresses a protein conferring a particular trait or function–that can be used for developing transgenic plants. The two promoters, ubi9 and ubi4, are from sugarcane plants. They can be used in a wide variety of plants for incorporating desirable traits into plants–like insect resistance, or heat or cold tolerance. The scientists have tested the genes in sugarcane, rice, pineapple, sorghum, garlic, bananas, corn, and other plants. These promoters provide high levels of gene expression in certain plants. The two promoters were both laboratory and field tested

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology research companies will benefit from these versatile promoters, which have been tested for production of a pharmaceutical protein in sugarcane.


Please refer to USPN 6,638,766 (Docket #0182.01), "Promoter of the Sugarcane ubi4 Gene," which issued on October 28, 2003, and is a continuation of USPN 6,706,948 (Docket #0078.97), "Sugarcane ubi9 Gene Promoter and Methods of Use Thereof." USPN 6,686,513 (Docket #0019.01), "Sugarcane ubi9 Gene Promoter Sequence and Methods of Use Thereof," which issued on February 3, 2004, is also a continuation of USPN 6,706,948, which issued on March 16, 2004, and is co-owned with the University of Hawaii.

Foreign rights are not available.


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