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Title: Method for Increasing Fiber in Foods
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Patent Number: 6610347
Docket Number: 7398
Serial Number: 9741467
Date Patented: 08/26/2003

Technology Description:

This invention is for a modified fiber that allows more dietary fiber to be added to foods without changing their texture. The fiber is produced by a process that uses protein to coat dietary fiber and keeps it from soaking up water. The modified fiber doesn't pull moisture from the food product. Many foods, like breads and muffins, yogurt, beverages and meats, can be produced with the modified fiber.

Traditionally, food manufacturers have increased fiber in foods in small amounts to avoid changes in texture, color, and mouth feel. Reducing the water-holding capacity of the fiber improves food quality and allows more fiber to be added without changing its texture.

This technology could ultimately help consumers increase their fiber intake-and the added health benefits-from eating foods high in fiber.


Please refer to USPN 6,610,347 (Docket #0073.98), "Fiber Enriched Foods," which issued on August 26, 2003.  Foreign rights are available.


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