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Title: Sugar Based Edible Adhesives
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Patent Number: 6613378
Docket Number: 19198
Serial Number: 9691577
Date Patented: 09/02/2003

Technology Description:

ARS researchers have developed a sugar-based edible adhesive that can be used to glue a plastic straw holder and straw onto the bottom of a beverage can or container. This item will prevent the straw from floating while the can is filled and unopen. When the pop top is opened, the straw will push to the opening ready for use. It will make a clean straw immediately available for the drinker. It is more sanitary than current drinking practices, since it eliminates direct mouth-to-can contact. The sugary adhesive does not change the flavor or texture of the beverage. An estimated 200 billion cans are used globally a year.


Please refer to USPN 6,613,378 (Docket #0191.98), "Sugar-Based Edible Adhesives," which issued on Sepembeer 2, 2003.  Foreign rights are not available. 


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