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Title: Method To Produce Infection-Fighting Plants
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Southeast Area
  New Orleans, Louisiana

Patent Number: 6703540
Docket Number: 2198
Serial Number: 9522401
Date Patented: 03/09/2004

Technology Description:

Agricultural Research Service scientists are producing plants that have enhanced disease-fighting power. Plants naturally produce hydrogen peroxide in response to microbial invasion. Hydrogen peroxide possesses moderate antimicrobial activity. This invention provides a method of making pathogen-resistant plants by modifying the plants with a gene, called chroloperoxidase, from a naturally-occurring bacteria that boosts the plants ability to fight microbial pathogens. Presence of the chloroperoxidase gene results in more than a 100-fold increase in a plant's ability to fight lethal microbes. By developing plants with built-in disease protection, this invention could ultimately lead to a reduced-reliance on chemical pesticides. This invention could be used to transform a variety of plants and crops, including those for food use.


Please refer to USPN 6,703,540 (Docket #0021.98), "Transformation of Plants with a Non-Heme Chloroperoxidase Gene to Enhance Disease Resistance, which issued on March 9, 2004.
Foreign rights are not available. 


Thomas J. Jacks
Food & Feed Safety Research
New Orleans, LA 70179
Phone: (504) 286-4380 
    Fax: (504) 286-4419
Kanniah Rajasekaran
(Same as first inventor)
Phone: (504) 286-4482 
    Fax: (504) 286-4419
Jeffrey W. Cary
(Same as first inventor) 
Phone: (504) 286-4264 
   Fax: (504) 286-4419

Anthony J. DeLuca
(Same as first inventor)
Phone: (504) 286-4253 
    Fax: (504) 286-4419

Thomas E. Cleveland
(Same as first inventor)
Phone: (504) 286-4531 
   Fax: (504) 286-4419
H-K Van Pee 
Technische Universitat Dresden
D-01062 Dresden, Germany

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