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Title: Repellents for Ants
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Patent Number: 6294577
Docket Number: 8200
Serial Number: 9519179
Date Patented: 09/25/2001

Repellents for Ants

Technology Description:

The invention is aimed at various species of ants that pose significant economic and health problems to man. For example, 1) leaf-cutting ants are capable of defoliating a citrus tree overnight and destroying germinating seeds; 2)fire ants cause crop losses, damage to electrical and farm equipment, cause soil erosion and sting humans and livestock; and 3) species of foraging ants find and destroy capsules of parasitic wasps used by man as biological controls for other insects. The invention is designed to provide improved, nontoxic ant repellents based on formulations that consist of certain dicarboxylic acid diesters. The repellent could be combined with either a liquid or solid carrier, allowing it to be applied, for example, as a liquid spray, a powder and/or slow-release carrier.


Please refer to Patent Number 6,294,577, which issued September 25, 2001.  This is a continuation of Patent Number 6,071,973, which issued June 6, 2000.


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