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Title: New Fish Vaccine for Streptococcus iniae
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Southeast Area
  Auburn, Alabama

Patent Number: 6379677
Docket Number: 16099
Serial Number: 9513143
Date Patented: 04/30/2002

New Fish Vaccine for Streptococcus iniae

Technology Description:

ARS researchers have developed a new vaccine against Streptococcus iniae, an emerging bacterial pathogen in cultivated tilapia, hybrid striped bass, rainbow trout, yellowtail, eel, and turbot. Worldwide, streptococcal infections are reported in 22 fish species, both cultured and wild, and causes $150 million a year in losses. This disease is recognized as one of the most problematic bacterial pathogens in intensively cultured fish and wild fish. Signs of the disease in fish include erratic swimming, whirling motion at the surface of the water, darkening of the skin, blindness, popeyes, and small lesions on the body, fins, and anus.

Antibiotic treatments currently used to control the disease in fish suppress strep disease signs, but doesn't completely eliminate the bacterium from treated fish. The vaccine, which can be given by injection or possibly by immersion, provides protection against mortality and disease for at least five months.

Companies that make vaccines for aquaculture could use this technology.  Developing a Streptococcus iniae vaccine could potentially save aquaculture producers money worldwide by preventing this disease.  Other advantages are reducing antibiotic use to control this bacterium in culture fish, making a safer, more environmentally friendly consumer product.


Please refer to Patent Number 6,379,677, "Streptococcus Iniae Vaccine," which issued April 30, 2002.


Phillip H. Klesius
Fish Diseases and Parasites Research
Auburn, AL 36831-0952
(334) 887-4526 / Fax: (334) 887-2983
Craig A. Shoemaker
(Same as first inventor)

Joyce J. Evans
Fish Diseases and Parasites Research
Houma, LA 70360-5578
(504) 778-2120 / Fax: (504) 778-4399


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