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Title: Real Time Trash Measurement System for Seed Cotton or Lint for Use in Cotton Gins
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Plains Area
  Lubbock, Texas

Patent Number: 6567538
Docket Number: 2399
Serial Number: 9366220
Date Patented: 05/20/2003

Technology Description:

The invention is a process of utilizing machine vision for processing in a cotton gin, which monitors a flow of lint and trash anywhere throughout the cotton gin without impeding or detaining product flow, the measurement being made in real time. A video camera or other electronic photography device takes a multi-spectral image of the trash and lint passing through the cotton gin. The multi-spectral image of the trash and lint is partitioned using spectral values into a trash portion, a lint portion, and at least a third image. The image of trash and lint are formed into a binary image from each of the partitioned images. This system could be used for improving trash recognition in gin process control by removing the constraint of paddle samplers. This will allow trash measurements to be used in new, innovative locations as well as improving the current sampling techniques currently in use. The commercial potential for this technique lies in the application of two to six units in approximately 1200 cotton gins in the United States, and several thousand gins elsewhere in the world. Cotton gins in the near future will become fully computerized and automated. This is due to the fact that optimal control of the gin will produce optimal economic returns for a given ginned bale of cotton. This will be advantageous to the growers, ginners, and the processing mills as they will receive a consistent product that can be tailored to their desired specifications.


Please refer to USPN 6,567,538 (Docket #0023.99), "Real Time Measurement System for Seed Cotton on Lint," which issued on May 20, 2003.


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