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Title: Corn Lines with Increased Oil
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Patent Number: 6639132
Docket Number: 18797
Serial Number: 9285368
Date Patented: 10/28/2003

Technology Description:

ARS researchers have developed new corn lines with oils containing altered fatty acid compositions, created through traditional plant breeding techniques. Oils from the new lines have either high oleic (60-70 percent), low total saturated (7 to 8 percent), or high total saturated fatty acid compositions (18 to 24 percent), compared with current commercially available corn oils, with oleic acid at 20 to 30 percent and total saturated fatty acids at 11 to 13 percent. The new corn lines can be used to enhance corn’s value in several ways. Oil with high oleic acid content is more stable to flavor and less deterioration in foods, and is believed to lower blood cholesterol levels in humans. Oils with low saturated fatty acid content are good for making liquid corn oils or salad dressings, and their consumption has been linked to reduced incidence of heart disease. Oils with high saturated fatty acid content are useful for making solid margarine for spreading, as a functional fat in baking, and as a stable oil for deep-fat frying.

Commercial seed companies and companies developing new corn breeding lines could use this technology. In addition, food, feed, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical industries could use this technology.


Please refer to USPN 6,639,132, "Altered Fatty-Acid, Protein, Oil and Starch Corn Lines and Method for Producing the Same," which issued on October 28, 2003. Foreign rights are not available.



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