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Title: Automated Counting Insect Electrocutor
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Patent Number: 6493363
Docket Number: 8597
Serial Number: 9079163
Date Patented: 12/10/2002

Agricultural Research Service
Date Filed:
May 15, 1998

The invention is a way to monitor flying insect pest populations in stored agricultural commodities such as dried fruits, nuts and packaging goods. The invention uses sensors to detect insect pests and includes electrocutor traps for accurate counting of insect pests. The technology is important in determining the type of treatment and its frequency required to avoid damage to agricultural commodities. The invention replaces the need to manually inspect pheromone- based traps to determine pest infestation. Because the invention kills the pest after it is counted, it eliminates the probability of repeat counts that can occur using current traps.

Dennis Shuman David K. Weaver
Medical, Agricultural and (same address as first inventor)
Veterinary Entomology
Gainesville, FL 32608 Aharon Dagan
(352) 374-5700 / Fax: (352) 374-5781 9401 S.W. 79 Court
  Gainesville, FL 32608

Industry Keywords:

environment, computer, engineering, electronic, sensors, measurement, precision agriculture, integrated pest management, instruments, flying insect pests, stored- product insects, dried fruits, nuts, packaged goods
*cip of Patent Application 08/556,054

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