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Title: Nucleic Acid Markers for Apospory-Specific Genomic Region
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Patent Number: 6028185
Docket Number: 898
Serial Number: 9004113
Date Patented: 02/22/2000

Agricultural Research Service

Date Issued:
February 22, 2000

Agricultural Research Service and University of Georgia scientists have identified genetic markers (like a bookmark)--pieces of DNA that help to locate a specific gene--for identifying asexual-specific (apospory-specific) genes in the Pennisetum plant genus. Reproduction in plants is ordinarily classified as sexual or asexual. Sexual plant reproduction requires both male and female plant spores. Asexual traits enable a female plant to produce seedling offspring that are identical to itself without requiring the egg to be fertilized. The seedling plants are an exact copy of the mother. This technology will allow plant breeders to obtain quality seeds from the same plant year after year. These markers will be useful for conventional and transgenic plant breeding.

Wayne W. Hanna
Crop Genetics and Breeding
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Peggy Ozias-Akins
Georgia Coastla Plain Experiment Station
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Dominique Roche
University of Georgia
Department of Horticulture
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* S.N. 09/458,939, filed on December 10, 1999, is a continuation of Patent No. 6,028,185.
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