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Title: 'Amaizing Oil' from Corn Fiber
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Patent Number: 5843499
Docket Number: 31497
Serial Number: 8947018
Date Patented: 12/01/1998

Agricultural Research Service chemists, in collaboration with University of Massachusetts’ scientists have made an amazing discovery.  They found that by removing the oil from the hull of a corn kernel, they got a new oil, called, ‘Amaizing Oil,’ which may lower cholesterol levels when added to foods.  The hull is the seed coat around the entire kernel, except for the pointy tip.  In studies, the corn fiber oil lowered total cholesterol levels in hamsters.  For people, lower cholesterol could mean reduced chances for heart disease. 


Corn fiber oil may be combined with other foods or ingredients, or for use as dietary supplements for cholesterol-lowering purposes.  The corn processing industry produces about 4 million tons of corn fiber each year, which could yield about 80,000 tons of corn fiber oil.  Corn fiber generally isn't worth a lot of money.  This technology could turn a low-end product into a high-value commodity.

The nutracuetical and pharmaceutical companies, as well as the food processing industry could use this technology.  In addition, the corn processing industry will benefit from this technology.




Please refer to USPN 5,843,499 (Docket #0314.97), “Corn Fiber Oil - It’s Preparation and Use,” which issued on December 1, 1998.  Foreign rights are not available




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