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Title: Genes Used to Produce Improved Seed Varieties
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Patent Number: 6111168
Docket Number: 5797
Serial Number: 8810898
Date Patented: 08/29/2000

Technology Description:

This invention is for mutations in genes that can be useful in producing low-phytic-acid-containing seeds. Phytic acid is naturally abundant in corn and other seed crops, like wheat and soybeans. Excess phosphorus excreted in animal manure can runoff into nearby lakes and streams, potentially harming water quality and aquatic life. By developing seeds with less phytic acid, animals excrete less phosphorus, reducing environmental pollution. Using these low-phytic-acid mutants and genes, breeders can develop seed varieties that do not change the amount of phosphorus in the seeds, but help animals use more of the phosphorus their bodies need. Since most feed seed do not have enough available phosphorus for the animal's body to use, farmers often use phosphorus supplements to help make phosphorus readily available for the animal. This technology has already been used to develop low-phytic-acid corn and soybeans, and can now be used to develop other low-phytic-acid crops.


Please refer to USPN 6,111,168 (Docket #0057.97), "Low Phytic Acid Mutants and Selection Thereof," which issued August 29, 2000, and is a continuation of USPN 5,689,054 (Docket #0061.93), which issued November 18, 1997.


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