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Title: Synthetic Chemicals for Controlling Insect Behavior
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Patent Number: 5792466
Docket Number: 1497
Serial Number: 8766703
Date Patented: 08/11/1998

Technology Description:

ARS researchers have developed artificial copies of insects’ brain chemicals that could prove useful for controlling insect behavior. These synthetic brain chemicals disrupt insect digestion, development, reproduction, and other vital body functions. The chemicals mimic natural chemicals in an insect’s brain, called neuropeptides, which control development, digestion and water balance. This invention could be used to develop commercial formulations that could be applied to a farmer’s field for disrupting insect development and other physiological functions, ultimately controlling insect populations.

ARS has other related inventions using bug brain chemicals to make synthetic chemicals for controlling insect behavior.  Please refer to S.N. 10/659,509 (Docket #0166.03), "Mimetic Insect Allatostatin Analogs for Insect Control," which was filed September 10, 2003; S.N. 10/659,233 (Docket #0165.03), filed September 10, 2003; S.N. 10/385,317 (Docket #0062.03), filed March 10, 2003; USPN 6,664,371 (Docket# 0239.00), issued December 17, 2003, and USPN 6,207,643 (Docket #0049.99), issued March 27, 2001. 

This invention could be used by chemical companies involved in manufacturing pesticides, biopesticides, and other insect control formulas. Farmers will benefit from new insect control methods, since many insect pests are developing resistance to other chemical controls.


Please refer to USPN 5,792,466 (Docket #0014.97), "Mimetic Insect Kinin Analogs for Insect Control," which issued on August 11, 1998.


Ronald J. Nachman
Areawide Pest Management Research
College Station, TX   77845
(979) 260-9315 / Fax: (979) 260-9386
G. Mark Holman
(Same as first inventor)


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