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Title: Monoclonal Antibodies to Ceftiofur and Assays for the Same
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Patent Number: 5908781
Docket Number: 3697
Serial Number: 8766250
Date Patented: 06/01/1999

Technology Description:

The invention uses hybridoma cell lines and monoclonal antibodies to detect theantibiotic, ceftiofur, in meat and milk. Ceftiofur is a broad spectrum cephalosporin exhibitsexcellent antimicrobial activity and is used in the treatment of respitory diseases in animals. Themonoclonal antibodies may be incorporated into kits for detection and quantification of ceftiofur.The invention replaces expensive and sophisticated equipment currently used to test trace levels ofceftiofur in milk or meat. The invention also requires less labor that current tests, allowingproducers to better manage the use of ceftiofur.


Please refer to USPN 5,908,781 (Docket #0036.97), "Monoclonal Antibodies to Ceftiofur and Assays for the Same," which issued on June 1, 1999.  Foreign rights are not available.


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