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Title: Vegetable Oil-Based Offset Printing Inks
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Patent Number: 5713990
Docket Number: 17894
Serial Number: 8624870
Date Patented: 02/03/1998

Technology Description:

The invention uses natural compounds from oilseeds in the manufacture of heat-set andsheet-fed inks, replacing vehicles in inks that are derived from petroleum products. The inks arebiodegradable, cost competitive, rapid drying and rub-off resistant. The inks can be formulatedwithout volatile organic compounds in a wide-range of viscosities and tack suitable forlithography, flexography, gravure, letterpress, electronic and screen printing.


Please refer to USPN 5,713,990 (Docket #0178.94), which issued on February 3, 1998.


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