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Title: Gluten Genes and Their Uses
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  Albany, California

Patent Number: 5650558
Docket Number: 11795
Serial Number: 8586331
Date Patented: 07/22/1997

Technology Description:

The invention is a gene assembled in vitro, which can be introduced into wheat for increasing or decreasing gluten content. The result is a wheat variety with superior flour for either the bread or cake industry. Wheat varieties considered unsuitable for making bread or cake can be enhanced by changes in gluten content, resulting in improved dough strength. The technology is applicable to growing wheat during times of the year or in areas of the country where such production would be otherwise impossible. The technology is applicable to companies engaged in the production of transgenic plants or seeds. Companies involved in the manufacture of baked goods would also benefit from the technology.


Please refer to Patent Number 5,650,558, which issued on July 22, 1997.


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