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Title: Compositions and Methods of Treating, Reducing, and Preventing Cardiovascular Diseases and Disorders with Polymethoxyflavones
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Patent Number: 6987125
Docket Number: 9300
Serial Number: 9528488
Date Patented: 01/17/2006

Agricultural Research Service

Date Filed:
March 17, 2000

The invention is for a method of using citrus-derived flavonoids called polymethoxylatedflavones for treating and/or reducing cardiovascular diseases and disorders. The invention can also be used for inhibiting cytokine production, particularly those associated with the production of certain kinds of tumors in mammals, including humans. Cytokines are proteins that play a role in immune function. A few diseases caused by cytokines include septic shock, cancer, cachexia, chronic rheumatism, ulcerative colitis, and Chrohn's disease. These compounds could have nutraceutical properties.




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*CIP of S.N. 09/167,634, which was filed on October 6, 1998.
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