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Research Areas
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1 - Storing, Drying and Cleaning Seed Cotton
2 - Separating Lint from Seed
3 - Cleaning Lint
4 - Packaging Lint
5 - Controlling the Ginning Process
6 - Collecting and Utilizing Gin Byproducts
7 - Reducing Air and Noise Pollution Incident to Ginning
Collecting and Utilizing Gin Byproducts
  • Evaluation of the cleaning requirements for lint cleaner waste.

  • Comparison of waste and fiber loss using a Shirley Analyzer and Shirley Trash Separator.

  • Potential for oil absorption of gin by-products.

  • Mass-flow measurements of cotton during ginning.

  • Compact optical device for measuring mass flow of materials in pneumatic flow.

  • Impact of extracting gin waste under high temperature and pressure to mitigate pesticides, aflatoxins and gossypol.

  • Proper methods to compost gin byproducts.

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Last Modified: 6/17/2010
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