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Sino-ABCL Agreement (2009-2014)




To search for, identify, and evaluate the potential of natural enemies of pest insects, weeds, and plant diseases that affect Chinese and U.S. agriculture



Survey for, collect and identify natural enemies of agricultural pests. Conduct preliminary host specificity tests on promising parasites, predators and beneficial microorganisms. Collect, colonize, and ship to the U.S., candidates found to be safe. Cooperate with USDA and State laboratories in future collections for shipment and evaluation for release. Collect natural enemies attacking pests at differing host densities and climatic zones. All natural enemies selected for shipment will be sent directly to State or Federal quarantine facilities in the U.S. for further evaluation. Both Chinese and American scientists share the same right of obtaining biological control agents collected from the two countries, but official approval is always needed before doing international shipments.


Statement of Mutual Interest:

Both parties are actively engaged in independent research projects, which identify new approaches to the biological control of agricultural pests, which include natural enemies of plant diseases, insects, and weeds of agricultural importance. The parties agree that meeting the objectives of this project will strengthen and enhance ongoing research within the scope of this agreement.




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Last Modified: 8/12/2009
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