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Sino-American Biological Control Laboratory
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Sino-American Biological Control Laboratory

a foreign operating location of the USDA Agricultural Research Service since 1988


Dr. Hongyin Chen, Director

Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Biological Control Laboratory

No.12 Zhongguancun Nan Da Jie

Haidian District Beijing 100081



U.S. point of contact: Dr. Daniel Strickman, Acting Director,

Overseas Biological Control Laboratories

Telephone: 301.504.5771; Email:



MISSION: Cooperative development of biological control agents to manage invasive pests and weeds in China and America.





Sino-ABCL Laboratory Staff

Chen Hongyin

Director, Entomologist

Wu Juwen


Zhang Lisheng


Wang Mengqing


Cao Jing


Chen Changfeng

Quarantine Technician

Wang Shu Ying


Gai Weiwei



Sino-ABCL Project Listing

Research Projects

  • Asian Longhorn Beetle Behavior and Control
  • Saltcedar (Tamarix ramosissima) Biocontrol Agents Collection
  • Soybean Aphis Biocontrol Agents Survey and Collection
  • Wheat Stem Sawfly Parasitoids Survey
  • Leafyspurge Biocontrol Agents Collection and Research
  • Emerald Ash Borer
  • Termites Biocontrol Agents Field Survey
  • Arundo Distribution and Insects Survey
  • Canada Thistle Biocontrol Agents Survey



Sino-ABCL Agreement (2009-2014)




To search for, identify, and evaluate the potential of natural enemies of pest insects, weeds, and plant diseases that affect Chinese and U.S. agriculture



Survey for, collect and identify natural enemies of agricultural pests. Conduct preliminary host specificity tests on promising parasites, predators and beneficial microorganisms. Collect, colonize, and ship to the U.S., candidates found to be safe. Cooperate with USDA and State laboratories in future collections for shipment and evaluation for release. Collect natural enemies attacking pests at differing host densities and climatic zones. All natural enemies selected for shipment will be sent directly to State or Federal quarantine facilities in the U.S. for further evaluation. Both Chinese and American scientists share the same right of obtaining biological control agents collected from the two countries, but official approval is always needed before doing international shipments.


Statement of Mutual Interest:

Both parties are actively engaged in independent research projects, which identify new approaches to the biological control of agricultural pests, which include natural enemies of plant diseases, insects, and weeds of agricultural importance. The parties agree that meeting the objectives of this project will strengthen and enhance ongoing research within the scope of this agreement.




Sino-ABCL Photo Gallery



Emerald Ash Borer collected from Tianjing City



Soybean aphid natural enemy survey and collection conducted in northern China



Canada thistle survey in Inner Mongolia



Parasitoids on wheat stem sawfly being collected in Gansu province



Natural enemies for control of Japanese Beetle were collected in Shandong province





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