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FORMIS: A Master Bibliography of Ant Literature
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Ant headGeneral Contributions

UCD Ant Literature Database (about 4000 citations).  Philip S. Ward, Steve O. Shattuck, William L. Brown, Jr.  These references are a subset of 8467 non-taxonomic references collected incidentally while assembling a database of ant taxonomic literature.  About 60% of the selected references came from William L. Brown's reprint files.  The specialized database on the literature of ant systematics (ANTBIB) is available in dBase and EndNote formats.  A printed version is also available from the University of California Press.  Work is in progress to incorporate ANTBIB into FORMIS.

AGRICOLA (about 6412 citations).  National Agricultural Library, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture.  NAL is to be especially commended for their policy of allowing non-profit scientific use of citations from their database.  AGRICOLA references are especially valuable because they are keyworded and many of the foreign language titles have been translated into English.  Recent citations may also include abstracts.

Biblio Fourmis (about 1600 citations).  Daniel Cherix, Laurent Keller, Luc Passera, Michel Chapuisat.  These citations are a subset of about 6000 ant-related reprints in the authors' combined files.

References used in The Ants (about 2000 citations).  Bert Hölldobler and Edward O. Wilson.  These citations are a subset of over 3000 papers cited by Hölldobler and Wilson in their book (Hölldobler and Wilson 1990).

Baroni Urbani Bibliography (almost 1000 citations).  Cesare Baroni Urbani, Zoologisches Institut der Universitat Basel, Rheinsprung 9, Ch-4051 Basel, SWITZERLAND.  These citations are especially important because they contain almost 800 abstracts and are extensively keyworded.

Specialty Contributions

Fire Ant Literature Database (about 4400 citations).  Daniel P. Wojcik and Sanford D. Porter.  This is a comprehensive literature database for the imported fire ants Solenopsis invicta and Solenopsis richteri.  Each reference is keyworded and the database includes almost 500 abstracts.  This database can be extracted from FORMIS by searching for "Fire Ant Literature Database" in the notes field.  Periodic updates can be obtained by writing the authors.

Comprehensive Leaf-Cutting Ant Bibliography (about 4200 citations).  H. G. Fowler and F.M. Schlittler.  This database is extensively keyworded.  It can be extracted from FORMIS by searching for "Leaf-Cutting Ant Bibliography" in the notes field.  This bibliography added more than 1600 citations to FORMIS.

Pharaoh Ant Bibliography (about 1200 citations).  Karen Vail, David F. Williams, Klaus-Peter Berndt, Wolfdietrich Eichler, Jerzy Wisniewski.  This database can be extracted from FORMIS by searching for "Monomorium pharaonis".  Titles of 233 citations in this database have been translated into English.  Rolf Meier and Betina Moser helped with title translations.

Russian Wood Ant Literature Database (about 940 citations).  Vladelin Kipyatkov and D.S. Malyshev.  This database can be extracted from FORMIS by searching for RFORMICA in the Notes field.  The database is extensively keyworded and Russian titles have been translated into English.  This was funded by the USDA Forest Service.

Santschi Ant Bibliography - (210 citations).  Rolf E. Meier, Glarnischstrasse 152, CH 8708 Mannedorf, SWITZERLAND.  This database contains all known publications of F. Santschi about ants.  It is keyworded and all titles have been translated into English.  Last updated 1995.

ANTBIB. A bibliography of ant systematics - (about 8100 citations).  Philip S. Ward, Barry Bolton, Steven O. Shattuck, Wiliam L. Brown, Jr. See Ward et al. 1996.  This bibliography is particularly valuable because of its completeness and because almost all citations were verified and have publication dates.  Last updated 1996, some additions 1999 and 2000.


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