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FORMIS: A Master Bibliography of Ant Literature
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2 - Online Searches - FORMIS - 2012
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5 - Credits
6 - Contributions
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Ant headCompiled by:  Dr. Daniel P. Wojcik ( and Dr. Sanford D. Porter.

Daniel Wojcik assumed the role of Editor of FORMIS in June 2000.  Sanford Porter continues to serve as an Associate Editor.  Previous versions of FORMIS (1993-1999) were compiled and edited by Dr. Porter.  Letters, packages, phone calls, and electronic files should be directed to Dr. Porter.

Major Contributors:

Cesare Baroni Urbani Univeritat Basel, Basel, Switzerland
Barry Bolton The Natural History Museum, London, UK
William L. Brown Cornell University, Ithica, New York, , USA (Deceased)
Michel Chapuisat University of Lausaunne, Lausaunne, Switzerland
Daniel Cherix Museum of Zoology, Lausaunne, Switzerland
Harold G. Fowler UNESP Rio Claro, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Bert Hölldobler University of Wuerzburg, Wuerzburg, Germany
Laurent Keller University of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland
Vladelin Kipyatkov St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia
D.S. Malyshev St. Petersburg, Russia
Rolf E. Meier Mannedorf, Switzerland
Luc Passera University of Paul-Sabatier, Toulouse, France
Sanford D. Porter USDA-ARS, CMAVE, Gainesville, Florida, USA
F.M. Schlittler UNESP, Rio Claro, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Steve O. Shattuck Australian National Insect Collection, CSIRO Canberra, Australia
USDA-National Agriculture Library Beltsville, Maryland, USA
Philip S. Ward University of California at Davis, Davis, California, USA
Edward O. Wilson Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA
Daniel P. Wojcik USDA-ARS, CMAVE, Gainesville, Florida, USA (Retired)

Other Contributors:

Personal Citations:  Argentina:  A.G. Farji-Brener, Australia:  R.H. Crozier, A. McArthur, Austria:  F. Glaser, Belgium:  J.C. de Biseau, J. Billen, C. Detrain, B. Gobin, Brazil:  C.R.F. Brandao, J.H.C. Delabie, Finland:  P. Punttila, France:  R. Blatrix, R. Boulay, P. D'Etorre, C. Errard, V. Fourcassie, A. Lenoir, J.L. Mercier. C. Peeters, A. Pezon, Germany:  J. Heinze, B. Holldobler, J. Moog, O. Rueppell, K, Schilder, Italy:  C. Baroni Urbani, Japan:  U. Yoshihiro, Mexico:  R. Jusino-Atresino, New Caledonia:  H. Jourdan, J. Chazeau, Russia:  G.M. Dlussky, V. Kipyatkov, A.A. Zakharov, Spain:  X. Espadaler, P. Lorite, Switzerland:  M. Chapuisat, A. Freitag, L. Keller, R. Meier, J. S. Pedersen, United Kingdom:  A.F.G. Bourke, United States:  A.A. Callcott, J.C. Cokendolpher, J.R. King, J. Klotz, P. Krushelnycky, L.W. Morrison, D. Oi, S.D. Porter, S.K. Robson, J.O. Schmidt, W.R. Tschinkel, R.K. Vander Meer, E. Vargo, J.T. Vogt, P.S. Ward, R.M. Weseloh, J. K. Wetterer, D.P. Wojcik.

Special Contributions:  R.J. Lavigne gave permission to use citations and annotation from An Annotated Bibliography of the Harvester Ants, Pogonomyrmex occidentalis (Cresson) and Pogonomyrmex owyheei Cole).  Terry Krueger checked back issues of the Annals of the Entomological Society of America (to 1996), Environmental Entomology (to 1996), Economic Entomology (to 1996), and Insectes Sociaux (to 1996).  Daniel P. Wojcik has checked all issues of the Florida Entomologist (to 1998).  V. Fourcassié provided ant citations from Actes Colloq. Insectes Soc. (1988-1999).  A. Van Pelt provided 400 citations from his personal literature files.  The Japanese Ant Database Group provided more than 100 new citations dealing with Japan (1999).  D. Agosti provided web links to about 600 taxonomic PDF files online at the American Museum of Natural History.


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