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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

Grape Research Funded by ARS through the Northwest Center for Small Fruit Research, 2008-2010

Project Title Researchers Institution
Variety Evaluation and Crop Adjustment to Improve Fruit Quality of Table Grapes Esmaeil Fallahi University of Idaho
A Link Between Grapevine Bleeding and Budbreak, Shoot Growth, and Fruit Set: Causes and Consequences for Vineyard Management Markus Keller Washington State University (WSU)
Developing a Site Selection Tool Using GIS and Grapes as a Model System Joan Davenport, Gregory Jones, and Andrew Duff WSU
Is Timing the Key to Good Fruit Phenolics? Julie Tarara and Jungmin Lee ARS
Genetic Diversity Among Grapevine Viruses in the Pacific Northwest Naidu Rayapati and Bob Martin WSU and ARS
Integration of Mite Biological Control Using Timed Miticide Applications and Organic and Low Input Fungus Programs Vaughn Walton, Amy Dreves, and Walt Mahaffee Oregon State University (OSU) and ARS
Effects of Vineyard Cover Crop Management on Soil Moisture, Vine Growth and Nutrition in Establishing Young Vines Patty Skinkis and Paul Schreiner OSU and ARS
Effects of Cluster Zone Leaf Removal on Norisoprenoids of Pinot Noir Fruit and Wine, Part 1: Canopy Microlimate and Fruit Quality Patty Skinkis OSU
Trellis Tension Monitor: Tool for Vineyard Sampling and Yield Estimation Julie Tarara, Paul Blom, and Mercy Olmstead ARS and WSU
Relationship between Shoot Number and Vigor in Grapevines:  Physiological Causes and Practical Implications Markus Keller and Bhaskar Bondada WSU
Practical Implications of the Relationship between Vigor and Xylem Anatomy in Grapevine Bhaskar Bondada and Markus Keller WSU
Understanding and Applying Physiological and Anatomical Adjustments of Grapevine to Identify Drought Resistant Cultivars for Sustaining Grape Production in Drought Conditions Bhaskar Bondada and Markus Keller WSU
Reducing Leaf Chlorosis of ‘Concord’ Grapevines:  Effects of FeEDDHA and Rootstocks Lailiang Cheng, Markus Keller, and Joan Davenport Cornell University and WSU
Rootstock and Scion Influences on Grape and Wine Composition and Quality James Harbertson and Markus Keller WSU
Changes in Grape Berry Size due to Late-Season Irrigation Markus Keller and Bhaskar Bondada WSU
Understanding Micro-oxygenation Technique and the Oxidation of Grape/Wine Polyphenolics Jungmin Lee, Julie Tarara, and Kerry Ringer ARS and WSU
Particle film and Deficit Irrigation:  Partners to Enhance Wine Grape Quality and Sustainability Krista Shellie and   Mike Glenn ARS
Effects of Plant Parasitic Nematode Densities on Grapevine Establishment – Development of Damage Thresholds Ekaterini Riga, Markus Keller, and Jack Pinkerton WSU and ARS
Profiling Viruses Associated with Grapevine Leafroll Disease in the vineyards of the Pacific Northwest Naidu Rayapati, Ken Eastwell, David James, Tessa Grasswitz, and Bob Martin WSU and ARS
Impact of Rootstock—Scion-Virus Interactions on Grape Yield and Quality Attributes Naidu Rayapati, Bob Martin, and Ken Eastwell WSU and ARS
Integrated Management Strategies of biology of Bud Mites in Oregon and Washington State Vineyards Vaughn Walton, Glenn Fisher, Amy Dreves, and Angela Gadino OSU
Evaluation of Nematode Resistant Grape rootstock for Managing Mesocriconema xenolplax Paul Schreiner, Jack Pinkerton, Inga Zasada, and David Bryla ARS
Nutrient Management in Irrigated Pacific Northwest Wine Grapes Joan R. Davenport WSU

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