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2010 ARS Grape Project Research Summaries
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Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Projects Associated with Grape Research (alphabetical by State location):

(Click Project Titles for Links to 2010 Workshop Posters and/or Research Summaries)

Project Title Location Principal Investigator(s)
New Technologies to Process Value-Added, Healthy Food from Fruits and Vegetables Albany, CA McHugh, T., Milczarek, R., Pan, Z., and Breska, A.
Management of Genetic Resources for Vitis, Prunus, Juglans, Ficus, Olea, Pistacia, Punica, Diospyros, Actinidia, and Morus Davis, CA Preece, J. and Aradhya, M.
Sustainable Vineyard Production Systems Davis, CA Baumgartner, K., Kluepfel, D., McElrone, A., Steenworth, K., and Sudarshana, M.
Integrated Strategies for Advance Management of Fruit, Nut, and Oak Tree Diseases Davis, CA Kluepfel, D., Browne, G., and Sudarshana, M.
Dietary Modulation of Immune Function and Oxidative Stress Davis, CA Zunino
Epidemiology and Management of Xylella Fastidiosa (Xf) and other Exotic and Invasive Diseases and Insect Pests Parlier, CA Stenger, D., Backus, E., Krugner, R., Rogers, E., Wallis, C., and Ramming, D.
Improvement of Prunus and Vitis Scions for Fruit Quality and Pest Resistence Parlier, CA Ramming
Emerging Technologies to Maintain Postharvest Quality and Control Decay of Fresh Commodities Parlier, CA Smilanick, J. and Obenland, D.
Alternatives to Methyl Bromide for California Cropping Systems Parlier, CA Wang, D. and Gao, S.
Biological, Behavioral, and Physical Control as Alternatives for Stored Product and Quarantine Pests of Fresh/Dried Fruits and Nuts Parlier, CA Johnson, J. and Walse, S.
Water Management to Improve Productivity and Protect Water Quality Parlier, CA Ayars, J. and McElrone, A.
Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter and Pierce's Disease Fort Pierce, FL Hunter
Biologically Based Techniques to Limit the Dispersal of Invasive Pests Gainesville, FL Reitz
Identification, Characterization, and Detection of Foreign and Newly Emerging Domestic Bacteria Fort Detrick, MD Luster
Small Fruit and Ornamental Genetic Research for the Mid-South Poplarville, MS Stringer
Production Management Research for Horticultural Crops in the Gulf South Poplarville, MS Spiers, J., Sampson, B., Smith, B., and Stringer, S.
Conservation and Utilization of the Genetic Resources of Apples, Grapes, and Tart Cherries Geneva, NY Zhong
Improving Grape Rootstock and Scion Pest and Disease Resistance Geneva, NY Cousins, P., Zhong, G., Baldo, A., and Cadle-Davidson, L.
Genetics and Genomics of Grape Growth, Development, and Quality Geneva, NY Owens, C., Zhong, G., and Baldo, A.
Biology and Management of Soilborne Diseases of Horticultural Crops Corvallis, OR Zasada
Integrated Management of Virus Diseases of Small Fruit Crops Corvallis, OR Martin
Exotic, Emerging, Re-Emerging, and Invasive Plant Diseases of Horticultural Crops Corvallis, OR Mahaffee
Development of Biologically-Based Strategies for Managing Insect Pests of Horticultural Crops Corvallis, OR Bruck, D. and Lee, J.
Influence of Root Growth, Development, and Function on Horticultural Crop Productivity and Quality Corvallis, OR Scagel, C. and Schreiner, P.
Biological Control of Invasive and Exotic Pests Weslaco, TX Goolsby
Vineyard Management Practices and the Quality of Grapes and Grape Products in the Pacific Northwest Prosser, WA Tarara, J., Martin, R., Lee, J., and Shellie, K.
Biological Control of Vine Mealybug and European Grapevine Moth  France Sforza, R.

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