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ARRA - ARS Invasive Plant Research Laboratory, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Photo: Melaleuca leaf weevil.
Seven years after its release by ARS and collaborators, the melaleuca leaf weevil has significantly reduced growth of melaleuca, a major invasive plant in Florida.

ARS Invasive Plant Research Laboratory, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  • Scope of work under Recovery Act

Amount: $475,000

Repairing critical deferred maintenance including replacing critical systems and finishes in insectary area; roofing repairs, and replacement of systems and finishes in laboratory space.

Milestones - To be updated as milestones are completed.

Construction Photos

Research at the Invasive Plant Research Laboratory

Invasions by exotic plants pose one of the most serious threats to the health and integrity of natural and agricultural ecosystems. Finding new ways to manage pest plant populations without relying on chemical pesticides is a critical part of restoring the biological diversity of invaded ecosystems.

The Invasive Plant Research Laboratory (IPRL) discovers insects and other biological control agents to safely control invasive weeds. When it studies possible controls, the lab takes into consideration all available options, the health and safety of the public, and the costs and benefits to all interested parties.

Recently, the laboratory has introduced a melaleuca leaf-eating beetle to help Florida land managers control the invasive melaleuca paperbark tree, which is widespread in Florida and posed an insidious threat to the Everglades.

IPRL also strives for a continuous dialog with the public, land management organizations including other government agencies, and the scientific community regarding all aspects of exotic plant management. Their aim is to contribute to scientific investigations and help to restore and protect natural and agricultural areas.

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Project Photographs Before Construction

Repairs to be done in Fort Lauderdale. Repairs at Fort Lauderdale.
Repairs needed at Fort Lauderdale.  

Project Photographs During Construction


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