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    Popular Magazine Publications

    1. Agricultural Research magazine: 11
  •      Forecasting Livestock Production - Climate change in the Great Plains, Feb. 1993;   
  •      Computing Pollution, April 1996;
  •      RZWQM - Modeling effects of farm decisions, July 1997;
  •      Fractals - a bridge to future for soil science, April, 1998;
  •      GPFARM software foresees the future, Nov. 1998;
  •      Get into the Zone-the Root Zone, March 2007;
  •      Squeezing more corn and wheat out of each scarce drop of water, October 2009;
  •      CO2 in soil easily measured, Nov-Dec 2010;
  •      Agro/environment data at your finger tips, February 2011;
  •      Livestock numbers by weather and climate, March 2011;
  •      Software helps farmers and ranchers spot critical changes in crop growth stages, May June 2011;

    2. ARS News Service:

  •      Computer Model will help farmers project yields and water quality, July 1997;
  •      New software could help on farm and ranch decisions, Jan. 1998;
  •      New computer model aims to keep farms and ranches productive, September 1998;
  •      More proof of the effectiveness of no-till farming, May 2003;

    3. Other channels:

  •      Nitrates can leach, but they can't hide-High levels of nitrate-nitrogen have plagued groundwater in Weld County for some years. Now computer maps peg how it ties to farming. Colorado Rancher and Farmer, November 1992;
  •      Farmers get high-tech help: Software helps out plans for planting. Fort Collins Coloradoan (Daily Newspaper), Feb. 1998;
  •      Farm analysis and comparison tool - designed for world-wide web. AGRIFACTS, USDA-ARS, Akron, CO, Oct., 1998;
  •      User-Friendly farm Planning-Software helps you find the best option for your operation. Western Farmer-Stockman, July 2002;
  •      Keeping it all straight, The iFarm record keeper records operation information, requiring users to enter data just once. American Fruit Grower. ------;
  •      Good to the last drop. American Vegetable Grower, November 2009;
  •      Smart phones will soon run USDA Apps. High Plains Journal, March 2011;
  •      Calculating Livestock Numbers by Weather and Climate. Science Daily, May 2011.

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