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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

James H. Cane (Jim)

Research Entomologist

Managing and Conserving Diverse Bee Pollinators for Sustainable Crop Production and Wildland Preservation
Appropriated (D)
  Accession Number: 425663
Effects of Seasonal Bee Emergence Timing on Rates of Parasitism in a Solitary Bee Species
Nonfunded Cooperative Agreement (N)
  Accession Number: 426227
Breeding Biologies for Chaenactis douglasii (ASTERACEAE) and Bee Community Fates in a Chronosequence of Past Wildfires
Reimbursable (R)
  Accession Number: 420764
Lethal and Sublethal Effects of a Systemic Pesticide on Alfalfa Leafcutter Bees
Specific Cooperative Agreement (S)
  Accession Number: 427395
Native Bees to Pollinate Managed Raspberries: Pollination Value and Means of Sustaining Bee Reproduction
Specific Cooperative Agreement (S)
  Accession Number: 428015
Last Modified: 4/20/2009