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Lynne A Carpenter Boggs

(This person is no longer with ARS)
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Crop Yield and Soil Condition under Ridge and Chisel-Plot Tillage in the Northern Corn Belt, Usa - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Pikul Jr, J.L., Carpenter Boggs, L.A., Vigil, M.F., Schumacher, T.E., Lindstrom, M.J., Riedell, W.E. 2001. Crop yield and soil condition under ridge and chisel-plot tillage in the northern Corn Belt, USA. Soil & Tillage Research 60:21-33.
Microbial Activities and Labile C and N in South Dakota Soils under Permanent Grass, Conventional Tillage, and No-Till - (Abstract Only) - (09-Nov-00)
Biodiversity in Soil: Interactions with Agriculture and the Role of Agriculture in Problem-Solving - (Proceedings) - (16-Nov-99)
Soil Fertility Research for Low-Input and Organic Farming Systems: U.S. Projects, Perspectives - (Proceedings) - (16-Nov-99)
Enhancing Soil Fertility in Organic and Low-Input Agriculture - (Proceedings) - (16-Nov-99)
Nitrogen Mineralization and Microbial Activity Affected by Rotation and Fertilization - (Abstract Only) - (04-Nov-99)
Composting Animal Mortality: a Resource Notebook for Producers and Educators - (Experiment Station) - (08-Jun-99)
Microbial Activity in Agricultural Soil Affected by Fertilization Level - (Abstract Only) - (26-May-99)
Crop Rotation Improves Soil Fertility and Plant Mineral Nutrition - (Research Notes) - (12-Feb-99)
The Biodynamic Agricultural System and Bd Preparations in Agroecology and Biodiversity Conservation - (Abstract Only) - (17-Oct-98)
Techniques in Microbial Ecology - (Review Article) - (15-Aug-98)
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