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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

Thomas J. Caperna
Research Biologist



Development of in vitro models for investigation of hepatic metabolism in pigs.  Biomarker discovery, proteomics and gene expression analysis of pathways associated with perinatal growth, stress and nutrient intake. 



Possibilities for Recent Research Accomplishment Section


Developed a serum-free culture system for long-term primary culture of pig hepatocytes and bile duct cells. 


Identified aquaporin 9 as a membrane protein in porcine liver and demonstrated its importance in cellular energy metabolism.


Using combined proteomics techniques identified and quantified circulating oxidized proteins within fetal and newborn piglets.


Determined that exposure to microgravity associated with space flight for two weeks did not influence growth and differentiation in hepatic stem cells. 


Developed (or Published) the first 2-dimensional map of the pig hepatocyte proteome.

Last Modified: 9/26/2012